Father kills 18-year old Daughter for 'Honour'

Monday Aug 30, 2010 |  OTHERS NEWS»

Father kills 18-year old Daughter for 'Honour'
In a gruesome incident, a father allegedly killed his 18-year-old daughter Mari Selvi in Madurai town of Tamil Nadu for being romantically involved with multiple love affairs. The victim Mari Selvi was allegedly given a high dosage of ‘poisonous injection' by his father.

Rangaswamy (47) who is running a tractor workshop in Madurai by-pass road has two sons and a daughter Mari Selvi (18).

According to police, this cruel murder is yet another case of honor killing, in which Rangaswamy was unhappy and scary about his daughter's alleged multiple love affairs and having too many boyfriends.

Mari Selvi had recently got engaged to her Maternal uncle Mohan and the Marriage was supposed to happen the very next day of her death. Meanwhile Rangaswamy came to know about his daughter's alledged affair with multiple boy friends. To guard the honor of the family he killed his daughter with the help of goons Murthy, Velmurugan and Balamurugan.

Balamurugan who was working as a compounder in the Government Rajaji Hospital, administered a high dose of a ‘poisonous injection' to Mari Selvi on her legs while her father was holding her tight.

Mari Selvi, who fainted due to poison, was admitted to government hospital at Madurai where she revealed the truth and died. According to the police complaint lodged by the girl's mother Lakshmi, Police has arrested the four accused Murthy, Velmurugan , BalaMurugan and her father Rangaswamy.

Quoting sources, the newspaper report said that the culprits have been remanded to judicial custody and are in Madurai central jail.