Nagarjuna running behind Rajamouli for Naga Chaitanya

Posted on Thursday Jul 28, 2011 |  TOLLYWOOD GOSSIPS»

Nagarjuna running behind Rajamouli for Naga Chaitanya
No wonder, Nagarjuna is a proud father and extremely satisfied with the way his son Naga Chaitanya’s career is shaping up. Chaitanya is now eyeing a hat-trick with Dhada movie and Nagarjuna is desperately trying for Rajamouli to direct Naga Chaitanya.

Given the success streak with which director S S Rajamouli has been shaping his career, he has become the hot property for many actors and producers. Now, it is heard that even Nagarjuna had his eyes on Rajamouli. Sources say Nag’s strong desire is to have one film for his son Naga Chaitanya under the direction of Rajamouli.
Apparently, Nag’s belief is that with Chaitu getting polished under the tough taskmaster, his range will grow into the top league. Recently, it is heard that Nag called up Rajamouli to discuss about a possible project. Sources say Nag waited for two hours to receive Rajamouli’s call.
Finally, Rajamouli called and said no. The director reportedly stated that his diary is full till 2014 due to various film assignments and other obligations. However, it is heard that Nag is determined to have Rajamouli for Chaitu within the next year or so. But then, that’s how Rajamouli’s demand is. So let us see what happens..