Akshay and Ajay together for Rohit Shetty

Posted on Tuesday Sep 14, 2010 |  BOLLYWOOD GOSSIPS»

Akshay and Ajay together for Rohit Shetty
In what may well be a casting coup, Rohit Shetty has got rivals Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn to work together again after five years. The two actors have previously co-starred in three films -- Suhaag (1994), Khakee (2004) and Insan (2005).

Shetty, director of the successful Golmaal franchise is planning to bring them back together in his next project, being touted as an action entertainer. A source close to Rohit reveals, "He has a script in mind which will work only with Ajay and Akshay. It's an all-out action film with unreal stunts along with his trademark dose of comedy. He has already approached the actors and they have agreed to consider the project."

A source analyses their troubled history, "Akshay and Ajay have had similar career graphs -- both started off as action heroes, later moving on to lighter comic roles. However, they have consciously avoided working with each other since 2005. Even though producers would go to them with projects, they would cite date reasons and steer clear of working with each other."

If Shetty can pull this off, the two actors who usually spar in different films during the festive season may well go guns ablaze for the same film

There was a buzz that Ajay wasn't happy with Akshay's interference during the making of Suhaag where the latter sat in on the film's editing.