Sneha caught kissing lover Prasanna inside car

Posted on Wednesday Jun 15, 2011 |  KOLLYWOOD GOSSIPS»

Sneha caught kissing lover Prasanna inside car
Smiling beauty of Tamil cinema industry Sneha was reported to be in love with her “Achamundhu...” hero Prasanna. But the actress condemned the rumors as baseless and later on suggested that, they might be circulated for promotion of her movie. With her statement in the year 2009, the rumors met with their death.

But now, again the Tamil cinema news sources are busting some facts about Sneha’s love affair. It is a regular sight that Sneha is found in her luxury car at the ice-cream parlor on a beach near to Besant Nagar.

However, the actress makes sure that, she is isolated in her vehicle in order to avoid any media or crowd attention. But in the last weekend, the actress was caught again with her Achamundu co-star Prasanth in her own car.

It is reported by onlookers that Sneha and Prasanna were seen cozying up in their vehicle on the beach road near Besant nagar. The actress was seen sharing sweet nothings with Prasanna and at one moment also kissed him, when the latter constant persuaded her.

This made the onlookers get a surprise of their lives as no one expects these kind of naught acts from the “ Pativratha” type Sneha and that too on public display. It is reported that Sneha was also seen sharing the ice cream of Prasanna at one moment, and this deteriorated the news.

Only brother and sisters or lovers share such kind of things in between them. According to the onlookers, the factor of Bro-SIS should be removed as the couple was seen cuddling with each other, in their vehicle. They had an impression in their mind that, they were isolated from the outside eyes. But the rear glass of the car, revealed everything to the outside world.

So, going by above sentence, the factor of Sneha in love with Prasanna seems to be fact. Actress Sneha was away from all kinds of nonsense filled allegations and media gossips till date. But now, her acts with Prasanna are being revealed by Tamil cinema news sources week to week.

It is better, if Sneha settles down with Prasanna and makes her parents Rajaram and Padmavathy happy, instead of making them embarrassed with all these speculations.