Deepika's beau having fun with Angela Johnson

Posted on Sunday Jun 12, 2011 |  BOLLYWOOD GOSSIPS»

Do not be surprised by reading the title above, we all know that the glamorous world is meant to be this. There is no fun till the time there are no controversies and gossips. The latest one is too surprising though, Siddhartha Mallya merely enjoying with Angela Jonsson when Deepika’s busy shooting for her flick in London.

Angela, who is known for carrying her heart on her sleeve, earlier stated that she was in a relation with Ranbir and dumped him. She is also known as the Kingfisher girl which makes her an acquaintance of Mallya’s undoubtedly.

A guest said, “Angela knows Sid, having modeled for his company's calendar. They are acquaintances but have never partied together before. Neither seemed fazed by the fact that there were people around. While she giggled the night away, he was all ears.”

Since Dips is not around, Sid seems to be having fun by getting so much attention from the girls. The guest says, “Though he's madly in love with Deepika, it hasn't stopped him from engaging in healthy flirting. Angela, too, enjoyed the attention Sid showered on her, even as the other girls at the party suffered jealous pangs”.

Time for Deepika to look over to what his beau is busy doing behind her back. Careful Kingfisher guy, go slow!