Nageswara Rao embarrasses Amala in Public

Posted on Wednesday Feb 09, 2011 |  TOLLYWOOD GOSSIPS»

Nageswara Rao embarrasses Amala in Public
Akkineni Nageswara Rao is always known for his point blank statements and openness in views. However, there are times when even such icons can cross the line much to the embarrassment of those around. This time, it was the turn of his daughter-in-law Akkineni Amala.
The event was the presentation of the UNICEF Awards to the electronic media and one of the organizers mentioned that they were hoping this event would serve as mother’s milk to the TV news channels so that they can focus on socially relevant issues. However, it appears that ANR who was the chief guest could grasp only ‘Mother’s Milk’ and leave everything.
Apparently, when he began speaking, the speech went on breastfeeding and recalled the secret of his unfailing health, thanks to his mother’s milk. As if that is not enough, ANR reportedly added “I advised my daughters-in-law the same. Women believe that their shapes will loosen up, if they breastfeed. They do not know that shapes will loosen up even if they don't have conjugal relationships….”
Well, all this was happening amidst the presence of Akkineni Amala who was also on the dais and those who were present reveal the best that she could do was pose an embarrassing smile while her face went red.