Ruskin Bond doing a cameo in 'Saat Khoon Maaf'

Posted on Monday Jan 24, 2011 |  BOLLYWOOD GOSSIPS»

Ruskin Bond doing a cameo in
Writer Ruskin Bond said he had a gala time devising methods for Priyanka Chopra to kill off her seven husbands in Vishal Bhardwaj's film 'Saat Khoon Maaf', which will also see him making his acting debut.

India's favourite Bond, who developed his short story 'Sussana's Seven Husbands' into a movie script for Bhardwaj, will share screen space with the Bollywood beauty in the film. "I have a cameo in the movie with Priyanka Chopra. I have told Vishal that you dare not cut me out of it otherwise I won't work with you. I appear in one scene with Priyanka but I won't tell you about it," said Bond.

The story talks only about Sussana's attempt to find love through the seven men and her gradual boredom with them but the 76-year-old author says he had to search ways so that Priyanka justifies murdering her husbands. "Yes it was difficult but on second thoughts that was fun. I had to devise various original ways so that she could bump off her seven husbands without herself being suspected of the murders," said Bond.

"I tried to think how well to do it and the methods varied according to the types of husbands who were fortune hunters and not very sympathetic. It is sort of a black comedy," he says.

"I never write a book or story with a film in mind but if someone finds it interesting and they want to adapt it they can do it. I never actually did anything with the script but in this case, I did work on the extended film script and since I know Vishal very well, we worked together and exchanged ideas," said India's most loved storyteller.

But Bond is not planning to return to scriptwriting on a regular basis as his first love continues to be stories. "It is fun (scriptwriting) but I am not going to do it often. My first love is still writing stories. I am okay if it happens now and then," he says.

Bond, who first wrote his debut novel 'The Room On The

Roof' when he was just 17 and went on to produce several stories and novellas based in his favourite city Dehra, says he does not often run out of story ideas and if it happens he goes back to ghosts. "I write something about ghosts when I don't have a ready material and if it does not work, there are always so many uncles around. I go and visit my relatives," he says with a mischevious smile.

He also keeps touch with what happening in the literature, especially children's literature around the globe. "I think they are reading vampire stories now," he says, adding that the the use of technology in Hollywood fantasy film has become monotonous.

"Every second one is about technology. They use it to tell stories about aliens and monsters but it is getting monotonous," he says.