Nagarjuna ends love game with Tabu

Posted on Tuesday Oct 26, 2010 |  TOLLYWOOD GOSSIPS»

Nagarjuna ends love game with Tabu
Any love story that doesn’t turn into marriage is bound to end one day or the other. That is why even the decade and a half love story of Nagarjuna and Tabu is also said to be reaching its end. Actually, for the film ‘Ninne Pelladutha’, director Krishna Vamsi wanted to take Sonali Bendre in the lead but due to some reasons, Tabu was taken in Sonali’s place.
The introduction through that film led to love between Nag and Tabu. After that, both paired up for only one film ‘Aavidaa…Maa Aavide’ (she is also my wife). It is heard that even in real life, Nagarjuna used to deal with Tabu in the same way. Irrespective of the society’s reaction, Nag who was already in his second marriage with Amala could not declare a third marriage with Tabu (maybe out of his conscience not accepting).
But then, it seems he has been doing whatever a husband does for his wife. Not only that, he has also got an expensive house built for Tabu right next to his house. It is also heard that even Amala has understood and accepted the love relationship between Nag and Tabu with a big and generous heart. Naga Chaitanya completed his acting training in Mumbai by staying at Tabu’s home. In the interviews given to national media, Tabu has been indirectly accepting her relationship with Nag. Whether his ‘best friend’ asks or not, Nagarjuna has given everything. If she wants crores, he can shower them. But…can he give kids..?
Today or tomorrow, Nag will be getting his elder son married and will be reaching the status of a grandfather, can he give a child? Can he proclaim proudly that he is the father of that child? If he had that courage, Tabu would have become a mom long back. Somewhere small hesitation and big dilemma. Any woman will desire for a family of her own and especially, she will crave for children. Now, Tabu’s age is 39 years. Though she is elder to Aishwarya by 3 years who is married and is away from motherhood, Tabu is far away from the age of bearing children. If she neglects for another 2-3 years then she will have to spend the rest of her life without kids. Carrying a kid inside for nine months and bringing them up…will that satisfaction be there in adopting orphan children and bringing them up? That’s why Tabu has decided to get married.

Under inevitable circumstances, she has decided to bid farewell to the relationship she has been having with Nagarjuna since years. Sources say that even Nag has thought about it in Tabu’s perspective and has given the green signal. Tabu, who has been dating a north Indian businessman for the past 6-7 months is likely to get married in the month of January or February.
That way, ‘A Great Love Story’ which never got into big publicity is coming to an end..